The Art of Silent Hill

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The Art Of Silent Hill
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This is a Private/Friends Only Silent Hill Fan Art Community.

(Bookmark Our Alternate URL: http://silenthill.2hell.com)

The artofsilenthill community is for the creating and sharing of icons, avatars, fan art, graphics, photos, etc; based on the Silent Hill Series from Konami.

The artofsilenthill community is also Private and Friends Only with a closed membership and no, that doesn't make us out to be elitist either. If you would like to join this community please feel free to request membership.

* If you're only planning on becoming a member of the artofsilenthill community to spam or to advertise your own sites, please don't bother joining at all. We will not tolerate advertising of any kind within this community and members who disregard this rule will be removed and possibly banned from the artofsilenthill. Yes, that sounds harsh but that's the way we want this community ... free from advertising, spam and all that other unnecessary crap.

* If you really must advertise, you can do that at silenthillpromo which is a new community especially for the advertising and promoting of any SH related communities. Please make sure you read and familiarise yourself with their community rules (which can be found on the community infopage) before you submit a request to join the community. Thank you!

Please note: Any and all messages, icons, etc; posted to this community must be done so by using the Friends Only option. (please see community rule # 6) Thank you!

More Silent Hill related icons and avatars etc, can be located at silenthillicons.
Fan art can also be found and shared at omgwtfshwhores or maybesilenthill.

Our Community Rules:

1. If you take an icon, please comment that you have done so. Please also indicate where you'll be using the icon.

2. Always give credit to the icon creator. Either in the icon keywords, or somewhere on your userinfo page.

3. Strictly no editing of any icons ... unless they are bases and you have the base creator's permission to edit the icon.
Any icons with text etc, should be left as they were created.

4. Requests for icons will be accepted. Please check with the individual icon makers for more details.

5. Please be patient if you have requested an icon. Sometimes they can take a little longer than expected to create.

6. Any and all messages, icons, etc; posted to this community must be done so by using the Friends Only option.

7. Any icons, fan art, etc; that could possibly contain spoilers must be posted to this community behind an LJ-cut
and clearly marked with a spoiler warning.

8. Please check with a moderator first before posting any images within this community that are considered adult
orientated or are of slash related themes.

* Please DO NOT advertise other communities (personal icon journals, other sites, unrelated material, spam, etc) within this community. Please contact a moderator or send an email should you have any questions regarding this rule.

The moderators of artofsilenthill reserve the right to remove any posts containing content that they deem to be unrelated to or inappropiate for this community.

Email contact: silenthillcommunities@gmail.com

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